The Turners

Outside of a Wendy’s parking lot, a man collects cans in a trash bag. His daughter is in a shopping cart playing with a doll.

“Daddy…It’s hot.”

The city of Phoenix hit a high of 117 degrees that afternoon and the people felt it. The heat followed them into their cars and into their psyche where it frazzled, fried and left them lethargic, limping over the crosswalks and crooked asphalt.

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Lennon, Cash and Long Verse Structures

Today I’ll be talking about a particular tool in the songwriter’s kit that I don’t see utilized much any more: The long, non-repeating verse structure. This is in contrast to your standard pop verse which might be upwards of, say, 16 measures long, but typically takes a four bar (sometimes eight bar) chord progression and repeats it a few times – maybe changing the vocal melody on top to keep it interesting. I’ll just dive right in so you get the idea of what I’m talking about:

Johnny Cash – Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

sunday morning

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