Life is Strange Ep. 1 and New Years Eve

Happy new year! I spent my new year’s eve with some gin, some foreign family members, and some fireworks held dangerously too close to people and objects. I also played episode one of Life is Strange.

I’m ambivalent. After finishing this episode, I’m going to go ahead and buy the season pass because I’m intensely intrigued to see where the rest of this story goes, but a lot of the game doesn’t sit right with me. I’ll start with the good:

Each character introduced is very much a character. They are all set up nicely and have genuine, human interactions with Max, the protagonist. Some of these moments are awful (in a good way), like Victoria, the queen bitch of the school, calling you a hipster and making fun of you on Facebook. And you KNOW she wants to sleep with your professor too, and shit, it’s legal, so…fuck it iunno.

It’s okay though, I got paint all over her cashmere sweater and then took a picture of her Continue reading “Life is Strange Ep. 1 and New Years Eve”