Local First Arizona

At Local First Arizona, where I’m helping run a booth with cheese and brownie samples
It’s a pleasant fall afternoon in Phoenix
A man walks up with the biggest headphones I’ve ever seen, a striped tank top, a wide smile and a full beard
He grabs a bite sized chunk of Manchego cheese
“Whoa man! It’s a ticket for four samples”
He laughed
I was helping the next customer, when I caught this guy pulling the same crap again
“Listen, you gotta give us a ticket if you want some cheese”
“Haha it’s alright man. Ya know, I’m doing some really weird stuff right now but everything will be okay”
He laughed
I grinned
“Haha, alright dude! I getcha. Take it easy now!”
He turned around and wrapped his arm around his girlfriend
When I told this story to my manager, she laughed


Bob Turns 70

At work, as I’m taking a gentleman’s order

Bob just turned 70 and currently works  maintenance at a BMW dealership
Comes in at least two times a day
Bob, to me
“Well I’m 70 and you know I’ll be getting some pussy tonight. Only the four legged kind, rather”
Bob claims to own 25-30 cats, most of which are feral
“Well shit Bob, I know you love Grand Ave Pizza, there’s plenty of younger ladies over there”
“No I don’t want them young. I want some of those old hippie chicks who’ve grown up. You know when I was in college I used to live with a bunch of free lovin’, dumpser divin’ hippies and that’s all I want. They grew weed but were afraid the cops would find out so they hid kilos of the stuff in the back of our giant tube TV. We just took out the tubes and stuffed it in there”
“Right on, Bob. That sounds like a hell of a time…Would you like an iced tea?”
“Yeah, and send it over to the wine room, please”
He limped off, hunched over

Podcast with Owen

Hey guys! Owen was able to stop by and have a chat with me about his goings on. Have a listen 🙂

(we start talking about music stuff at around the 20 minute mark if that’s what you’re here for)

And hear his music here:

He’s also got a show on Christmas day at Crescent with Cherie Cherie, another one of my favorite local artists. Diners and Pro Teens will also be playing. Quite the bill!


And if you like Diners (and who doesn’t?) be sure to check out that podcast I did with Tyler also posted on this same site.

Podcast with Tyler of Diners

Hey folks! I was able to have my friend Tyler Broderick come over to my place and record an interview with him. Got to ask him some questions about recording, songwriting, Brian Wilson, and Shrek! Check it out, it’s a good listen.

Here’s some Diners links for ya: