Leaving the Old Man Band (Innocent Bystander)

I knew going into this entire affair that my time would be short lived, as I was replacing their permanent bassist while he was on vacation, but it feels a bit too short lived. I played my first gig with the folks – all at least 63 years of age – around early September, and seeing this whole chapter conclude in late October feels rushed to me. Regardless, I performed good music with good people who have been playing this good music for all of their good lives.

Two of these good people, Dave and Tom, got drafted to serve in Vietnam, and one of them, Bill, almost got in but wound up out of it somehow. Maybe he was too young…? Not quite sure on those details. Continue reading “Leaving the Old Man Band (Innocent Bystander)”


Undertale and The Beginner’s Guide Hit Home Like No Other Games Do

Recently I played two games that forced me to sit back and contemplate my actions either within the realm of that game, in the case of Undertale, or outside of it, in the real world, in the case of The Beginner’s Guide. It seems both of these titles are having profound impacts on their player bases in ways that no other games have done before and that to me is really special. Deeper than the initial first impressions of “walking simulator” and “retro indie title” it seems we’re discovering what this medium is truly capable of. And I can tell you it’s not sandboxes and first person shooters…Although Phantom Pain is a fantastic game for wholly other reasons.

Full disclosure: I will be talking about spoilers in these games. They’re both fairly short so do yourself a favor and play through them. Continue reading “Undertale and The Beginner’s Guide Hit Home Like No Other Games Do”