Alien Days – AKA How MGMT are the most interesting songwriters of this decade.

 If you haven’t heard Alien Days by MGMT, check it out:

(the video is creepy, but bare with me)

MGMT’s first record is overall a rather straight forward, electronic psych pop album. It was my first introduction to them, and I fell in love, but man how I also love what they’ve grown into. I recall reading an article where Andrew VanWyngarden actually told his label not to sign them because they would not be writing music similar to Oracular Spectactular, and that they would instead attempt to branch out and experiment. I must say, that takes an extreme amount of foresight, guts, and artistry on behalf of the musician. What’s more, they pull it off with flying colors. Continue reading “Alien Days – AKA How MGMT are the most interesting songwriters of this decade.”


Songwriting Tip #1: Variation

On this first installment of songwriting tips:


The biggest, most immediate thing I learned from the Beatles (thanks in large part to Alan Pollack), was the element of variation. You can listen to any Beatles verse or chorus and I can guarantee you that there will be SOMETHING new compared to the preceding verse or chorus.

The best part about this songwriting tip is that it’s strikingly simple to implement, but also makes a world of a difference to the effectiveness of a tune. This principle is a major characteristic that keeps the listener interested as the song goes on, even if they don’t realize it’s happening. And, truth be told, 90% of your audience doesn’t. That’s fine. This is why you’re the songwriter, and they’re the listeners. Continue reading “Songwriting Tip #1: Variation”


Hey folks! This blog was made with the intent to inform people about songwriting and the songwriting process. It’s here so I can offer some bits of advice I’ve learned along the way, as well as to share some anecdotes that I think will prove helpful to any budding or experienced songwriter!

I also plan to talk at length about video games. Indie, AAA, artsy or just fun, the video game industry is certainly a fascinating one.

Enjoy! I hope you learn something 🙂